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Homeland Other Companies
Homeland has a higher quality Building with more standard Features.
Other companies have little to no Standard features.
Homeland has colored screws that Match your colored sheeting And trim.
Other companies have non-painted Screws that do not match your Colored sheeting and trim.
Homeland has more anchors for Protection against strong Winds and our anchors are permanent.
Other companies have the very minimum amount of anchors and some companies Only install temporary anchors.
Homeland has sidewall posts that Are 4' 8" apart. This is for more Stability and strength.
Other companies sidewall post are 5' apart.

Homeland has a 5 piece bow where All stress points are beefed up.
Other companies use a 1 piece bow System that requires extra bracing even On their smaller units
Homelands 22' wide and 24' wide Classic and all a-frame buildings Come with a 40" center with a welded brace for more strength.
Other companies still have the One piece bow system.
Homeland has local-factory trained Installers that provide a one year Warranty on their workmanship.
Other companies have little or no warranty On their installations. If they do not put A warranty on their invoice, that means No warranty.
Homeland has a five year limited rust Through warranty on vertical style Roofs only.
Other companies have no standard Warranty on their sheeting.
Homeland makes it standard to Have j-trim on all windows and walk In doors for the customer's safety.
Other companies do not have j-trim on their Windows and walk in doors, or it is an Extra charge.
Homeland is American owned and Operated in the united states by proud American workers. Other companies, we're not sure where They, or their materials, come from.

Compare it, homeland gives you amazing quality and service.
Homeland provides excellent customer service because
we are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers.

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